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We are fans of the little guy and help them connect with customers who feel the same way.

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Why Safe Orders?

The surveillance economy has led to a widening gap of trust between thoughtful customers and like-minded merchants. We help merchants manage orders with systems that enable them to sell stuff and engage with their customers to build a lasting relationship that is based on trust and not spy tactics.


You want to be taken care of, and know that it will remain that way.


Fast as possible without rushing and cutting corners. Quality in the hands of professionals.


It's your customer, we just help YOU keep them worry free. Never let account data out in the wild.


By de-branding the process, we keep everything as inexpensive as possible, saving your customer money.


Experience results in Expertise

For 20 years we have helped small shops fill the gaps in their technology and infrastructure. How many customers? How much in sales? Those are things we never reveal, because your privacy and customer data security is important.


We are not arming the rebels, we ARE the rebels.

Providing you automation that allows you to spend more time with your customers. Inspire your customer and earn their trust by providing the best shopping experience. The advantage is now yours!

We know all this and more

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